Be afraid…be very afraid

Have a spooky Halloween!

Add some cool stickers, sprinkle some particles on top, throw in a custom cursor,
Pimp your Site and make it shiny! With our ready-made effects presets, in one click, your site is pimped ✨

Hover the thumbnails to preview the presets and click to see them live! (And don’t forget, all these effects are customizable!).

Let it Snow!

Plenty of decorations to get in the Halloween mood

Decorate your site with spooky scary skeletons, yucky flying eyes, haunting ghosts and other curiosities! Embrace the Halloween spirit, get out and eat some juicy brains. Yummy.

Let it Snow!

We hope you are not
too scared

Blood, vampires, witches and other things… There is nothing to be afraid of…

Let it Snow!

Just enjoy having a cut off finger as a cursor

Customized cursors bring SO MUCH FUN!
Navigating your site with a zombie finger, how COOL is that?

Pimp your WordPress Site with Awesome Effects

It’s time to bring the fun back to your site!
Pimp your Site and make it shiny

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